Keeping Your Kids Busy While School Is Closed

Are your kids are starting to get bored? Do you need some ideas to keep them entertained while you work from home? Don't worry, moms, we've got you covered.

Here are 10 ways to keep your kids busy while school is closed: 

1. Build a Fort

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With some pillows, bed sheets, and chairs, your kids can build their dream fort!

2. Science Project

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Try some fun at-home science projects like magic milk, making ice cream in a bag, slime, or a baking soda + vinegar volcano!

3. Cooking Lessons

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Let your kids cook with you! The more hands on, the better -- like pizza or cookies!

4. Puzzles

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Puzzles can keep your kids busy for a long time! You can create your own, download some online and print them, or keep them busy with a jigsaw puzzle.

5. Bathtub Fun

(via Fun at Home with Kids)
Kids love playing in the water! Make bath time even more fun with some easy clean-up bath paint, light up toys, or rainbow foam soap.

6. Dance Party

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Find some dance-along videos that your kids can follow!

7. Art Project

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Give your kids an assortment of art supplies (paper, glue, scissors, paint, markers, glitter, you name it!) and let them do the rest. This will definitely keep your kids occupied for a while.

8. Give Them A Box

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Give your kids a box, some markers, glue, and construction paper, and the possibilities are endless! They can create a castle, car, fort, rocketship, and more!

9. Pretend with Playdough

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Make edible playdough or regular playdough from scratch for various creations.

10. Quiet Time

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Set up a quiet time for your kids so you can get some work done. During this time, kids can read, practice math problems, or other quiet activities.

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